Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bonsoir from Cameroon!

We arrived in Cameroon safe and sound. We had a rough start attempting to get our equipment checked at the Newark airport but after a whole roll of duct tape and the help of our new best friend Bernard (a baggage handler) the four of us students figured it out. The flights were on-time zwith no major issues. We arrived at Douala in the afternoon; greeted by a monsoon. Due to some miracle all 12 bags arrived with us. The hotel has good accomodations including security, food, good beer, and AC. We met with Olivia and Mayor Mukam shortly after arriving. Today we travelled around Douala with Olivia buying supplies and exchanging money. The city is chaotic but lively. People are friendly ... they enjoy talking to us, we attempt to talk back with a mix of hand gestures, English, and the French words Dr. Dentel is slowly teaching us. So far it has worked out fairly well. One man after realizing we were from America tried to talk with us about George Bush, John Kerry, Bill Gates, and Washington. Wemet with well drillers in the area today as well. Tonight we have been invited to have authentic Cameroonian food with Olivia's Aunt and Uncle at their house. We are all pretty excited about that :) Tomorrow morning we leave for Bamendjou, we will try to continue to chronicle our adventures from there. We love and miss all of you back in the States. Keep thinking of us!

Friday, May 18, 2007

First Post

Welcome to the new blogging section of EWB UD Student Chapter. Please check regularly for updates from the assessment trip in Cameroon.