Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel Team Returns Home Safely!

The travel team made it home safely Tuesday evening after a brief delay in Yaounde. They're taking a few days off before the semester starts.

This semester the Cameroon Design Team will be working on two projects: another lift station in June and distribution lines for January 2012.

Thanks for following the blog and we look forward to seeing you at our 5th Anniversary Benefit Dinner!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back home

Our team got back to PHL yesterday evening after the long trip to Yaoundé then Paris to home. We had a two hour wait on the tarmac before finally taking off from Yaoundé but everything else went smoothly, with all our bags appearing on the carousel in Philadelphia.
My first priority at home was a long warm shower, and I'll bet that was the same for everybody. We take this for granted here, but what a luxury it is!

I got an e-mail this next morning that the mayor's mother had just passed away. I had seen her as she lay in bed only days ago in Bamendjou.... she had thanked me repeatedly while holding my hand. She spoke very little French and I will never know if she was thanking me specifically for our EWB work, or for being there in general. I've forwarded the e-mail to our current and past Cameroon team members.

Hopefully we will get a few more pictures posted here "for the record" but in the mean time, everybody is back home, with lots of laundry to do!

Dr. Steve