Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday report

Friday report

This is just a quick report so you know we’re back in the U.S.!

We spent Thursday in Doala, wrapping things up – this is the business center of Cameroon and an intensely chaotic, humid, place. Stayed at the same hotel we were at on arrival. Bought a few souvenirs, a new bag to hold our long resistivity poles, and got everything to the airport. We made sure to be there very early to get through all the formalities with our equipment, and it did take some doing. After dark, the electricity at the airport went off several times and the emergency generators cut in (this also happened repeatedly at the hotel and in Bamendjou, which also had frequent dimming of lights).

Long stopover in Paris. We took a quick bus ride into the city, checked out the Arch of Triumph, hiked to the Louvre, then hurried back.

So here we are. Long trip, much accomplished, and much more to do. But this is not the end. The UD EWB chapter is awesome and we are set for more great stuff!!

Dr. Steve

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Welcome back! Glad you made it back safely!