Friday, January 4, 2013

Status update

Hey Everyone,

Unexpectedly, we have traveled 126mi ( in a little over 15 hours.  This is pretty good mileage, for horseback.... Fortunately, we are not traveling by horseback.  Planes should be a little faster, but faulty engines do slow them down.  After our flight out of Dulles being delayed by 2.5 hours and then aborting a take off attempt, the flight was eventually cancelled.  We ended up at a nearby resort for the night and will have a new flight tomorrow afternoon at 4:50.  The new flight is as follows:
UA 1763 to Brussels, at which point we will spend 26 hours in Brussels.  After that we are on BA 371 into Yaounde.  We will still be letting Amy know when we touch down in Yaounde, at which point everyone will be updated.  As for right now, we have utilized local in country contacts to find a local eatery for a late night dinner as Ramsey and Dr. Steve missed it.  Hopefully the rest of our trip goes smoother.  Will post at the next available location (Brussels?).

-Cameroon Team

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