Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Cameroon

Hello to All:
Things are going very well. We met with Dr. Nkeng today and we are going to go back in a few min to talk to one of the well drillers that gave the quote. We tried to go to the embassy this morning, but we did not have an appointment. We were able to get one for the, morning so we can go there before we leave for the village. The hotel that we are in is good and we are doing well. Dr Steve almost lost his ticket in Paris which could have been a bit of a problem. Hopefully we will post soon again with pictures.



Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! I'm so glad and relieved that you made it alright! Get ready for the most exciting two weeks of your lives!

- Sam

EWB said...

I'm so happy to hear you all made it to Cameroon safely!!! I am so excited for the journey that you are embarking upon ... it is going to be amazing! Travel safe to Bamenjou tomorrow :) I can't wait to hear stories and see pictures. Good luck in the days ahead and thank you for being a part of the great things EWB-UD is doing!


EWB said...

Just remember, if you can make it to Yaounde with all of your luggage (and without leaving Dr. Steve in Paris), you can do anything! count the potholes. please bring me a mango. oh and stay safe.

Good luck! We're all thinking about you! go team!!

<3 Sarah

Grampa HJD said...

ME Grampa-HJD says I wish I could be there with you. Hope you have a meaningful experience and a good trip home when finnished.