Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well today has been an interesting day. We examined the hand pump and partially took it apart to make the water level meter could fit down the bore hole. The pump test will be on Monday and we all are looking forward to it. There were rumors of a local NGO called Acrest ( using solar energy systems and with only a phone number we attempted to track them down this afternoon. We had partial directions when we left but then could not get through to our contact. After one wrong town we followed roadside directions to a place named Set. We instead came to a tea company and understood our English/French confusion. The NGO was located near the Cameroon Tea Estate (CTE) and had several projects in water usage. Unfortunately they were focused on using water to generate electricity and only had one small solar panel that they were experimenting with. It was still interesting place but it is funny how rumors can be generated. That is about all that has recently happened and I have just about had it with a French computer and an English keyboard. (The a,w,z,q, and m are not where they normally are.) Sorry about the pictures, we will try to upload them again.



Anonymous said...

Great to be able to see you all and follow your activities. JD.

Hi Doug - Jo

Anonymous said...

Logged on tonight and was pleased to see new photos of you all, the people, the children you are meeting and the locale you are working in. Pictures are worth a thousand words. JD