Friday, January 23, 2009

FOURTH TRIP - Here we go! - Dr. Steve

Hey, just reporting our luck with baggage check! No extra charges for the steel filter mold, which weighed in at 69 lbs (the cutoff is 70) - great design calculations! And they seemed to give us some leeway on the combined weight per passenger, too. So we're under budget and in the middle of a 3.5 hour wait for the flight (yeah, how did the group get Dr. Steve here so early? I think I was tricked somehow...)
We'll report in from Yaoundé if the internet works!


Samantha said...

Wooo hooo! Way to go team! I hope Bakang is ready for a steel mold because it is on it's way!!!!


Catherine said...

Yay! Go EWB! Good luck with everything!!!

Rachael Vaicunas said...

Thanks for the update, and congratulations on making it the first step of the trip. I hope that everything works out in Bakang; your group will be in my thoughts each day! Stay strong, work hard, have fun!

Mickey Ingles said...

Good Luck Folks!

Doug and I will be available for any solar questions. Keep us posted and have fun :^)


Sarah said...

YAY TEAM!! I'm glad all our 'dr. steve factors of safety' worked out.

oh and wear your steel toed boots!

<3 Sarah