Thursday, January 29, 2009

A kitchen without clean water - Thursday (Dr. Steve)

While in Yaoundé we were able to arrange for a geohydrology study to assure that wherever we hava a new well drilled, we'll be sure to find a good supply of water at a reasonable depth. That visit will happen on Friday, so we've beeen revisiting some of the drier areas, way up the road from the existing well. There, we stopped at one family compound and found a man building a new outbuilding - by himself, using clay bricks that are home-made. This will be the new kitchen, he told me (this means an open fire in the center and a tall ceiling).
But there's no water. To get water for this kitchen they will hike down a steep hill to a little creek. We saw that creek. . . to put it bluntly, I wouldn't allow my dog near water that looked that muddy, buggy, and oily.
This man is also secretary of the Water Committee. So he knows what we hope to accomplish in the future. When we have the chief and the geohydrologist there on Friday, I hope we can find a good location to drill. They work so hard and deserve better than these conditions.

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Sarah said...

I just remembered something we forgot to put on the itinerary...Dr. Steve, you need to jump off your rock! It's tradition. (Somebody make sure Dr. Steve jumps off the rock.)