Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here's what we're up to . . .

Here's our team Alyssa, Guy, Steve, Taylor, Tyler, Andrew after removing the interior mold section successfully. This is up at the school. We have decided to move this filter because the water they get at the school is already from our solar-powered well, so no filtration is necessary.

Andrew, Tyler, and Steve at the market. Market day is an amazing chaos that happens every 8 days. Andrew has a bag with 3 large cubes of soap. We also purchased some local goods for the silent auction coming up this spring at our appreciation dinner . . . be there !

This is Steve, Taylor, and Tyler putting together the water filter at the hospital in Bamendjou. The hospital has water from SNEC (the water company but this water is unavailable, sometimes for days (like right now!). Imagine a hospital with no water....pretty bad. The filter will allow them to purify water from a hand-dug well in their courtyard when this happens.

That's it for now....they're having a celebration for us this afternoon (a "water fair") and also another meeting with the water committee. I'm off!
Dr. Steve


Carol said...

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all the great pictures and descriptions of your adventures. You are doing amazing work and are so thoughtful about how doing what you do impacts the people and the world.

Take care,


hi, everyone
thanks very much for what you are doing in my village. I live in the U.K and never seen so much pictures of the village.
I am from bakang what a chance to have you guys there?
may God bless you all.