Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Water Committee Meeting

Here we are with the water committee after the meeting that Steve the Younger mentioned earlier (below). I was once again impressed with all of them and particularly the eloquent chief. The women were especially pleased that they are going to get filters for households. One woman stood up to say that they would like to celebrate by dancing, but it would raise too much dust (she was definitely right!). In addition to saying that we are all citizens of Bakang, the women all wished that their future children would come out just like the American students. That got a good laugh!
So today is very busy. We got up at 5:45 to go out to three water points and survey morning usage. Then we packed up a bunch of suitcases to take to Bafoussam for shipping to Yaoundé where we will get them (that's the only way we can get everybody and everything back and forth). The group going to Yaoundé will also buy some locally made crafts to auction at our appreciation dinner (mark your calendar - Thursday March 12th). Our other team is arranging for more sand, gravel, and cement purchases from the mission to make one more filter before we leave tomorrow, and more by the village folks later.
Which brings up finances. It costs about $25 to build a filter for one family that will last for many years. They cannot afford this, which is why the only filter in use since our last visit has been the chief's (which we found to be removing 90% fecal coliform even when used only occasionally). The committee said they can afford $10 and we hope the rest can be donated. So please think about donating $15 so a family can have safe drinking water!
More later. I've been invited for lunch at the mission.
Dr. Steve


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to post pictures and provide such graphic descriptions of your experiences there. I personally take so much for granted here in the states and I want to do something to help you deliver clean water to the families you spoke of. Please count me in for $150 to purchase filters. I can write a check or use my credit card if that would speed things along. You can reach me @ Thank you for the great work you are all doing and please come home safe!

Anonymous said...

great job team! I'm so proud of you!!!!


dieudonne taleu said...

thanks for the great job.
how to donate the money for bakang village?
thanks for replying