Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventures So Far!

Hello! All is well here in Yaounde. We did some shopping today and plan on heading out to Bamendjou tomorrow! (For anyone who has ever shopped in Yaounde, you know that get it all done in one day is pretty awesome) So far we have had a couple adventures… The car ride from the airport to our hotel was pretty interesting with all sorts of stalling and car backfires. Not to mention there were 8 of us and 9 suitcases in one car. Frank (our car) got fixed up this morning though and is up and running. Also, Julianne got locked in a bathroom with no handle. She is out now. The weather is an awesome 85 degrees. Hope you all are enjoying your extreme heat warnings! My internet time is running out so that's all for now.

We'll blog again as soon as we find internet!


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Nicole said...

oh how I miss Frank... seems like he didn't work out his issues from January though. Congrats on getting all of the shopping done in one day! Good luck on the rest of the travels (with trusty Frank).
EWB rocks!