Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, June 10th

So, lots of excitement! There hasn't been water in the reservoir since we've been here, but we looked in the tank yesterday and there was about 2 feet of water! Shannon and I completed the connections to the balaitsit tap stand, and fortunately there weren't any leaks. Amy and Julianne replaced the broken tapstand at Bakang I and finished the tap stand at Bakang II. Everyone began laying pipe as well. There was a 5 year old little girl carrying 6 meter sections of 2 inch PVC pipe down the hill to help us. We ran into a problem when some sections of pipe had cracked ends. Normally we would have had to stop working to get more parts at that point. Our plumber, Felix, sawed off the ends, light the pipe glue on fire, heated the pipe, and expanded it over another piece of pipe to make it fit. You can always count on unique problem solving in Cameroon.


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