Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Solar Adventures

Shout out the the ewb design team! you all are awesome!!!!!!!! The solar team spent a day pulling wire through conduit tug-of-war style, wiring the pump and shrink wrapping all the connections with a blow torch, and making all the polypipe connections in Mr. Mukam's driveway. Our final masterpiece was a 5 foot roll of pipe and conduit and pump (we were very proud) that we somehow forced into the car with the pump hanging out the window across Dr. Steve. We took it to the village and lowered it in the well and hooked it up the generator to attempt a pump test.

Two days ago Gustav and Eric from the mission came out to Bakang to do the masonry for the tank supports and lay the footings for the solar rack. They did an amazing job and we were all impressed. We let them dry as we finished up the wire conduit connections and digging the trenches to lay the conduit. We've learned so much from this project and the people we are working with, its amazing. All thats left is to finish some of the connections and hook up the solar panels! :)

The slow sand team will post their progress soon...we're out of minutes on this computer right now...

Love and miss you all


Anonymous said...

So good to read of your progress this morning and photos! Best way to start my day, continued good luck. JD

Jim said...

That's what engineering is all about. Helping people improve their way of life and a little bit of, "penser en dehors du livre".

Solar Team--"Aye, the compass doesn't point north. But we're not trying to find north, are we? Sun on my panels, sun on my panels-BAWK! Now where's that Controller box--