Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey Everyone,

We made it to our hotel in Yaoude safely. Some interesting re-packaging went on at the Philly airport, but we finally got all our things on the plane. Its a tad humid, but our rooms have air conditioning so we are pretty comfortable. We're going to register with the Embassy tomorrow as well as meet with Dr. Nkang. Hope all is going well in the states!!



Mother Sagett said...

So happy to hear "we made it"! This site makes such a difference to those of us in the states - please post often. Wishing you a very successful trip. Enjoy the journey - lots of love and fond wishes - take care!

boyfriend sagett said...

I agree with mother sagett. It is great to hear that you are all safe. Do work!

roommate "lizo" sagett said...

Way to be awesome, EWB! Rock the 'roon!