Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dr. Steve: I've been named a "Prince" of Bakang

ok, I've been an Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Full Professor . . .
Did you know that the next rank is Prince? Here you see me being promoted by the chief of Bakang II in front of a gathering of Bakang villagers. The wardrobe is genuine, handmade and donated by the Water Committee President. The crowd even sang a song in patois that (I'm told) was all about the wonderful things I've done.

Thing is, I don't really deserve this. Firstly, it's the students who make this possible, and there are lots of them who have been to Bamendjou and Bakang to help, and others who provide the behind the scenes support, including tireless fundraising work. And of course there are LOTS of folks who provide the finances that underwrite our efforts. You *all* deserve this recognition.

And secondly, we are not finished. The people of Bakang are grateful already, but there's no time to rest on laurels. As I write this, Matt, Sarah, and Ramsey are stuffing cables through conduit to get ready for pump installation. We'll be rushed because the well drillers are starting a day and a half later than we thought. Taylor and Alyssa are putting together a detailed work schedule to deal with this.

So I'll try to keep my ego in check. But I did call my wife to tell her that her husband is now a prince and a village Notable. She said these titles will not apply in Delaware.

But they do send a *message* to Delaware. They really love what we do!

Dr. Steve


Anonymous said...

Rock on Dr. Steve!!!!! but a day and half behind schedule.... hhmmmmm let's hope they drill fast and find water!

steve said...

so do we have to call you Prince Steve now?

kevin said...

Zeke-- Congeektulations! The robe flatters you and the title fits you. Or is it the other way around?

You are a continuing inspiration to all.

I am sure that there is a Poor Richard or other similarly sourced term that is used to wish one well when they are digging a well. Not knowing all of the engineer-speak, all I can do is wish you and your team continuing success.

Jim said...

Dr. Steve-- Wear your Princely new well deserved regalia proudly on the Delaware campus. You have more than earned this token of Bakang's appreciation of your many hours of support to their community. As Harry Potter might say, you are indeed their latest half blood Prince. Moreover, President Harker would say that you are walking the walk along the "Path to Prominence".

Anonymous said...

alas Mr. Oh is so right! those robes are so excellent and must be a key stepping stone on one's path to prominence

APaulus said...

The Prince formerly known as Dr. Steve? or perhaps the Professor formally known as Prince?

Julie said...

Dr. Steve - you wear that robe like a champion! Good luck with the schedule adjustments, I know you guys will make it work ... it's amazing, after 3 years of dedication and hard work EWB-UD is drilling wells in Cameroon. It's hard to put into words what that means ... I can remember a time when we had $200 of funding and 7 people sitting in a room brainstorming how to find a project. That's amazing progress in such a short period of time ... and it's all due to the incredible commitment that Dr. Steve and the EWB-UD students have made to the project.

Morgan said...

Congratulations Prince Dr Steve! We are friends of Sarahs in Aldan, PA, and she tells us you will make a fine Prince. I m sure you were granted Princedom because, being Prince, it is vital that you supervise and oversee and add translation commentary, never dirtying your hands with manual labor (grin).

Congratulations to you all for giving hearts and minds and hands and WATER....
Morgan Henderson, Aldan

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