Thursday, June 4, 2009

Luggage off!

Here we are (Ramsey, Saeah, Alyssa, Taylor, and our driver Guy in the background) after loading all the solar panels and mounting equipment into the SUV. Obviously we can't fit all this plus ourselves, so we ship the equipment by bus. In fact, there will be another load with our luggage then a load of plastic pipe! Then we head off to the High Plateau. The practice is to never drive at night, so we'll leave here by 1 .

In the background you can see the power lines. Yaounde has the best infrastructure in Cameroon and we'll miss it. But the rural areas have a beauty of their own.


APaulus said...

Amazing! That sounds like a bus load! have a safe trip to the village! Bon Voyage!

Jim said...

UDee faculty, alumni, and undergraduates all working together, on this trip, for the worldwide community. That's what being part of the UDee family is all about-GO Blue Hens!!

Morgan said...

I am so enjoying following you on your trip. This picture of the contrast between Belgium airport and your destination--and your relief at the humanness there--brings everything to life for me.

I love the parts of your blog where you show and talk about the people in the village--the description of how they have assumed ownership/responsibility for the project by building a lockable fence, etc. And the naming of Dr. Steve a Prince.

Being totally non-techie, I read with awe about what you are doing to bring clean water to this fine village...and I savor descriptions of your friendships and relationships there.
So nice to see a photo of SARAH!!

All the best, Morgan Henderson, Aldan, PA