Thursday, June 10, 2010

After three days of traveling we are finally here!!!

We spent the morning meeting with people and organizing the delivery of materials while we waited for the car to be fixed to make sure materials were ready for the start of construction on Monday. We managed to squeeze in a couple games of fooseball as the car was finished. Dan and Dr. Steve scored from defense. I did too... but it was on myself...

Its my fourth time here, and I have to say, it never gets old. There are always new challenges, like:
1) where do you buy glavanized pipe?
2) how do you get a 6 meter (almost 20ft) section of pipe on the roof of your car?
3) how do you tell the plumber you need multiple sections of various sizes cut and threaded?
4) being okay with saying enough is enough and come back tomorrow.

I`m stuggling the most with number 4 right now, but we`ll get through.

Hopefully we will have a few of the new members post something soon! Au revoir!!


Catherine said...

Good luck guys! Are people over there really excited about the World Cup?

Sean Banker said...

Good luck with the tank construction. Hope everything goes well. Any big plans for Cameroon's first game tomorrow? You'll probably have to end work early since the game is in the afternoon.