Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some more pix ...

We were invited to witness graduation ceremonies at the school. This means the school is empty, but there will always be a few hanging out wherever we work!

Here, the concrete for the floor is being brought in by "Indian file" - the Cameroonian term for a bucket brigade - which is seen coming from the right with full buckets and empty ones going back. A bunch of masons are pouring and smoothing the concrete.

Here's the entire team (except me). Note all the buckets!

In all my trips, this has been the most awesome as far as everybody pitching in. The Indian file was trilingual and our spirits were very high, even though Cameroon lost an important World Cup soccer match the previous evening. We're doing great!
Dr. Steve

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Catherine said...

Looking great guys! Way to represent.... hahaha Indian file...