Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The first layer of mortar is on the roof of the tank! The second layer is going on as we speak. The team is leaving for Yaoundé tomorrow morning after a meeting with the water committees. Still to do, finish the control box, set up the tap stand and smooth out the roof. We have a good team working on it, and we should be done for tomorrow. The weather has been giving us some late starts, but the masons are making up for lost time. We finally found all of the fittings in Bafoussam!!! Heading back now to Bamendjou to help finish up. This will probably be the last post before we get back. See you all in the states!!

Amy and Amy

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Julie said...

I am so proud of you all!!!! The tank looks great! I'm so impressed with all you were able to accomplish on this trip, we're one step closer to fulfilling our promise to the people of Bakang and Balatsit! I hope you all had an extraordinary time in one of the "last best places", travel home safe, I can't wait to hear more about your experiences! Water is life, pass it on.

Peace, love and EWB,