Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Des Chèvres (Goats!)

Today was more relaxed. We needed to pick up the materials and send those along with our bags by bus to Bamendjou because our car is packed! Also, we figured out how to change the French keyboard to an English keyboard!!! We all were excited about this discovery because we were constantly writing "q" instead of "a" and searching for the "m" key.

Guy, our driver for this trip, Nicole and Amy went to SOCIMAC to pick up the materials we ordered yesterday. They had to pull off the road at one point to make room for a herd of goats! After this we made a point of looking for any and all goats. The materials along with our bags were then delivered to the bus station.

We had a delicious late breakfast at Hotel Mansel, our hotel from previous trips, after Guy, Nicole and Amy returned. It consisted of baguette, croissant and fantastic ananas! (pineapples) We had some trouble pouring the café au lait because of the high tech thermos it was served in. The breakfast ended with coffee, milk and bread crumbs everywhere.

After breakfast we took a long driving tour of Yaoundé in search of Solaire Afrique and finally found it after stopping at a police station and a hardware store. It was a little discouraging because we learned that the solar panels we ordered a while ago would not be available until the end of next week when we would be in Bamendjou (about four hours away). However, we thought ahead! We brought solar panels with us in anticipation of not receiving the panels ordered in country.

From there we returned to the city and went shopping for Cameroon jerseys! We were impressed because on the way over we saw many female police officers! Guy was a great guide and found us some great deals. We all got a lesson in bargaining on the way over and we got some jerseys at good prices.

Now we're waiting on galvanized pipe to be available later this afternoon and after we pick up that and a few more pipe fittings, we should be set to travel to Bamendjou early tomorrow. Tonight after a little more shopping, we're planning on going to Dolce Vita for dinner and an early bedtime hopefully to rest up for a long day of traveling tomorrow.

We're unsure if we'll have internet access so don't be alarmed if you don't hear from us for a while!

Bon après-midi!
Shannon and Vince


BDena said...

Go Shannon! OPHS is very proud of you. Sorry if this post is embarrassing. :)

Ramsey Hazbun said...

Sounds par for the course. Glad you guys are settling in well.

I think we are getting better at anticipating setbacks a little bit (for example designing the mounting rack to fit both types of modules...)

Keep up the good work!