Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dr. Steve reporting

We are still in Yaoundé but ready to leave tomorrow - assuming our materials arrive when promised. Considering all else so far, we are prepared for delays. This is the first time we've had duty problems on equipment brought into the country but now we know to bring receipts or letters proving donation and approximate value. Still, at least we have the solar panels we brought, and a lot less expensive than the ones we are buying here. I think we have even odds that the latter will even have arrived when we are leaving the country... but, with our backup plan we are still ok, and the late panels will be used during our trip in May.

Our team is working *really* well together and is very positive and knowledgeable. Above, you see Shannon, Amy, and Vince in the plumbing store, where the team spent hours making sure we got exactly what we need. Sorry for the picture quality - after taking this shot I was told that photography is prohibited there! So look very closely for the top secret goods and prices....

Also everyone is dealing well with the conditions here. We enjoy the western-style restaurants we can afford, and don't notice the squalid water in the drainage ditches. Traffic may be chaotic, but Guy gets us where we need to go (he is amazingly good at finding places in a country that has no street signs or city road maps - sorry, no gps road maps either). The air is hazy but will be better tomorrow, once we are on our way to more rural Bamendjou. I am really looking forward to seeing all our friends there!

G'night - getting up early to get our pipe tomorrow....

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Engineers Without Borders said...

Wow, they let you into the top secret part of the store?!

Sounds like you guys are handling everything well! Hope you all enjoy Bamendjou! Tell everyone I said hello!!!!