Monday, January 17, 2011

First Day...

So after a few roadblocks, such as two delayed flights, we have arrived in Yaoundé.

Disclaimer = my blog posts will be short because dealing with typing on a French keyboard has proved to be chalenging.

Today, upon arriving at the Philadelphia airport, we learned that nearly everything we had packed was overweight, oversize, or both. This led to some (mostly) organized unpacking, cutting, resizing and repacking. With the entire teams effort and a little schmoozing of the airline, we were able to get everything on board and to Cameroon.

The arrival in Cameroon also proved to hold some hassles. Currently all four solar panels and all other supplies we brought are sitting at the airport due to some discrepancies over customs policies.

However, despite these setbacks, the team enjoyed a nice late dinner with Olivia Mukam and we are ready to make things happen tomorrow! That being said, it is well past bedtime after being awake for many many hours. More updates soon!



Engineers Without Borders said...

Shannon, thanks for the update! Glad you guys made it through okay after the delays. We're doing what we can to help you get through customs!

Have a safe trip to Bamendjou tomorrow!


norine418 said...

This is great reading all about your adventures. Glad you are there safe and sound.
Aunt Norine