Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Day in Cameroon (except the tools...)

Hello friends! !

We got here just fine but had to repackage our solar panels at the airport (2+1 instead of 3 in one pack); of course we had the cardboard and duct tape standing by for this eventuality! See figure 1!

We have to stay an extra day in Yaoundé to (hopefully) get our toolbag which missed our connection. But that's ok since our first day here is a Sunday and we can't get much done.
We were met by Olivia Mukam (Mayor Mukam's daughter) at the airport, along with Guy and other folks to help with tranporting us and all the gear. Olivia is fantastic and it's great to see her again. She will be helping us figure out how to get to Bamendjou since our previous SUV is apparently kaput. So the usual problem solving.... Dr. Steve tries to not get stressed!!!!! We also need abut a half mile of poly pipe somehow trucked to Bakang - sure, we can do all that stuff! Can do!
Running out of internet time - costs &1.50 an hour - you guys should appreciate your rapid connections on campus!
All the best -
Dr. Steve

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APaulus said...

Awesome to hear that you made it safely! Good Luck!