Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some pix to confirm our existence

Battery's dying...but here are 2 pictures!

All I could do for now. Next time I'll bring a fully charged laptop to the Piarist mission which has the only internet closer than Bafoussam - and that hasn't had a working line either.
In any case, you can see that we're immersed in dirt, pipes, wires, and so forth. Edwin thankfully gave you an update after we communicated by phone with him. We'll let you know asap about our pipe connection problems and hopefully the solution. The new pump is installed in the ¨wet well¨ - the white pipe shown in the pictures - and gets fed from the water tanks shown to the right of Nicole and Linda in the top picture. We had a lot of help digging and plumbing from the local folks.
We had two water committee meetings yesterday including (in Latsit) a greeting in song by the women in the chefferie meeting room, (at both) translations back and forth from English, French, and patois, and (in Nkang) a round of beverages including a gift of a bottle of French whiskey for me which shall remain unopened for some time.
This should be our last day in Bamendjou if all goes well. If we still have plumbing problems, our backup plan (we always try to have one) is to stay tomorrow and leave Saturday for Yaounde since our flight is not until 11:30 pm. Taking another bus since the only car we could use this trip is Mr. Mukam's based here at his place. But we'll have a lot less to carry out than we brought in.
Regardless - stay tuned for more pix since I now know how to compress them on my laptop to upload them in a reasonable amount of time.

Dr. Steve

P.S. No joy in Cameroon this week. Their national soccer team lost to Egypt in the Africa Cup quarter finals. But people still watch the rebroadcasts...

[UPDATE (from Ramsey)]: I've talked to Dr. Steve. The team thinks they have solved the leaky compression fittings issue. They will be bringing back some sample fittings and pipe so we can figure out what the problem was exactly. They ran out of time before the sun went down on Thursday to see if the water would make it to the top of the hill. This will be tested Friday morning.

Also, everyone seems to be in relatively good health, with the exception of some limited stomach issues, and a lot of insect bites (probably chiggers).


Taylor said...

Hey guys, great job working through the fittings problems. Good luck and hope to see you soon!

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