Friday, January 29, 2010

More pix!

Here Linda, Nicole, Janvier, and Dan work on wet well assembly. We changed the design quite a bit during installation.

Below: a water committee meeting in Balatsit. They sang us a rousing welcome song when we arrived!

Here's the tank on the top of the hill. With good sunlight, it takes about one hour to fill.

Dr. Steve and the chief of Bakang II look over a list of sand filter requests. We are subsidizing the cost of filters for families, at $10 apiece. See our web site under "contributions".

Dan has a lot of chigger bites. Do deal with a challenge from Nicole as to how many there were, Dan penned a number to each one. Guess how many!!??

It's now 2:30 so I better go to bed!

Dr. Steve


Zara said...

Great work, guys! You are awesomely awesome! Hope your travels go well. Miss you already!


Anonymous said...
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Cynelsa E B said...

My guess is 41 chigger bites