Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hello all. Dan here. First off, Cameroon keyboards are different so for time sake q=a from here on out.

We qrrived in Cqmeroon qfter a long flight from Philly to Paris and then to Yaounde, Cqmzeroon. We got off on the right foot with our engineering right away in the philly qirport when we hqd to repqckqge solqr pqnels to different specificqtions thqn we were originqlly told. We pqcked extrq duct tape and cqrdboqrd and with a full crowd of fans (bystanders in the line we caused while checking our rather unique luggage) we successfully wrapped up a solar panel and were off.

I made sure to buy several of my favorite Dr. Peppers in the Airport past the security screening as a speciql treqt in county. After a long flight, losing my beloved Dr peppers at a French checkpoint, and another long flight we had arrived and packed up our stuff(short a tool bag thqt didnt make it) on a truck to head to a hotel for the night.

The roads in Cameroon seem to have absolutely no rules or regulations (maybe air france took all of the allowable regulations for one country and applied them to baggage regulations). The best way I can describe it is as a crowded game of bumper cars where each car seems to hqve about a 2 inch force feild so thqt cqrs just barely miss. Most of the taxis seem to disprove my theory though because of the dents and dings all over.

In short, we are here, we love it here and are excited to travel to the Bakang to start our work and continue our journey.


steve's mom said...

Glad to hear you all arrived safely, hopefully your missing bag will also. Looking forward to reading your posts and following the team's progress.

APaulus said...

Can't wait to hear more! Good luck finding all of the pipe and everything, I'm sure there will be some great stories!

Sarah said...

haha this post is hilarious! good luck finding polypipe!


ps usually you can change the keyboard from french to english by right-clicking on the FR icon on the bottom right.

EWB said...

My bad. I was sitting right next to Dan and didn't tell him how to change the keyboard!
Dr. Steve

Anonymous said...
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