Monday, January 16, 2012

Check out this chateau!

We are SO busy and have had not internet, sporadic electricity, and even one evening with no water, but the team is UP. The system is dusty but working…Mr. Mukam sent us our favorite plumber, Felix, to help out and he found a blockage on the Balatsit side so that tapstand will be up and running tomorrow. We’re digging ditches, giving out pineapples, conferring with chiefs, and putting together solar panel rack with 8 inch extensions.

Check out this picture!!! I had to post this over my phone in spite of cruel and unusual phone charges. And stay tuned! We’ll post soon with more stuff!

Hi to our Guatemala team!

Dr. Steve


Taylor said...


Who painted this?? When was it done?? How are you guys doing?

Hope you get internet soon!! SSSOOOOO exciting to see more pictures!! (and your blog posts of course!)

Sam said...

This is awesome!!!!! So cool!

Rock the 'Roon!!!!

Roberta said...

Great picture! Very exciting-loving your posts

EWB said...

The mayor had the tank painted some time between June and when we arrived. It is not full yet, but will hopefully be by the end of this trip. We are sure that it was painted UD colors on purpose.

EWB said...

THANKS DR. STEVE!! Guatemala says hi too!!

Sarah said...

This is beautiful!! <3 to all.