Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey Everyone!

So after a few crazy days in Yaounde, we will be heading for Bamendjou in the morning! We had a tire blow out on a taxi the other day, but, Anthony managed to patch it up with some duct tape and we got back to the hotel from dinner safe and sound. The past two days we have been out in the city shopping for supplies. Even though we had some trouble converting units at one point, (this must be an effect of jet lag) we successfully found and bought all of our materials. Later, we went to go check on the solar panals to make sure we did not need to buy more wire to connect them, and got to hear this amazing church choir practice for an hour while we waited for someone to show up and unlock the door. Then we went to dinner with Olivia, and she took us to a place where we could get some authentic Cameroonian food. We had what was something like doughnuts, beans, and this milk porridge that were all really good. We can't wait to head to Bamendjou tomorrow so we can start the real work on the system. Hopefully we will be able to blog more while there!

And we all wanted to wish Taylor a Happy Birthday!



Roberta said...

Enjoying the blog. Glad things are going well.

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Jon P said...

Hey everyone!

I'm so glad to hear that the traveling went smoothly and that you're getting off to a great start in country.

I wish you all the best as you start in on construction! Looking forward to hopefully hearing more on the blog and when you guys get back.


Taylor said...

Gah! I'm sooooo sorry I missed this on my birthday!!!!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!! You guys ROCK!!!!