Friday, January 27, 2012

Some pix !

Hi folks!

Here are a few pictures. Kim and Erica took tons more and will probably post some soon.
To the right: our ditch across the road for the new feed line, which now takes water pumped from the tanks to the right all the way up the hill to the ferro-cement reservoir. From the left: Taryn, Erica, Marcel (from the Hydrosanté NGO), Dr. Steve (in ditch), Felix (our plumbing expert), Julianne (kneeling), Anthony, Cyrille (our new "chauffeur"). The dirt under the road is really tough to dig because it's extremely packed. Marcel loosened it with a pick so the rest of us could shovel it out.

Here's a video (large file!) of our team members packing the soil back in the ditch as Cyrille and Felix continue to shovel. To the left you can see our new team members helping out. I am sure the woman approaching from the distance (carrying firewood on her head) was really wondering what was going on!

Here is the support base for the wet well, which will contain the pump. Pascale, the local mason, is going the blockwork.

Here's the rack being built for the solar panels, with the water tanks and wet well construction to the rear. EWB mechanical engineers: please inspect the rack elements carefully and determine the structural flaws in compression resistance for diagonal supports. We will go over this upcoming meetings!

A familiar site and experience for EWB veterans: repairs to the vehicle. This is welding work being done to the exhaust system. About an hour and a half of work for 13,000 CFA ($26). This was a lot cheaper than in the U.S.! The most expensive repair was two tire replacements (not new ones, but less used). I will not post a picture of the tread (or absence thereof) on the old ones.

And below is a site we visited in Bandjoun which needs water. The farmland is only usable for half of the year when there is enough rain. The chief of Bandjoun has asked for our help.

Finally, this if the Bandjoun Chefferie. With us is Mr. Mukam, the mayor of Bamendjou and a great help to us on our project.

I think other team members will get you some more pictures when they are settledd back in the U.S. Bye for now! And once again, thanks for ALL your support!

Dr. Steve

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Nataly said...

You are so great, guys!!! Several thousands of people can enjoy pure water thanks to EWB-UD! I wish you a lot of success for all of your new projects whether it be in Bandjoun or other sites. Perhaps your team will become more international in the future. Who can say…