Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EWB digs Cameroon (from Dr. Steve)

We had some coordination problems on Day 1 in the field - Hydrosanté was our only help - so Julianne and Taryn did an incredible job of ditch digging. The chief of Bakang 2 is having a meeting today to get things going, so we will have the usual team of locals on hand starting this afternoon. I'm not sure we need them with the EWB pick & shovel prowess I witnessed today...and you should see Taryn with a machete!
Also ... I did a bit of digging too...but was simply outclassed.
Below is the tapstand at Balatsit. Lots of kids come down from the school for water during recess. The Water Committee took the handles off the valves and you get one from the lady at the little "store" across the road. That way, nobody abuses the system. Seems to work great, and there's plenty of water there!


Sam said...

Hahaha I am always amused by Dr. Steve posts.

Way to go team!!!

Nataly said...

I am amused by Dr.Steve's post, too. Great combination of effective work, unflagging optimism, and enthusiasm is simply terrific!!!

Charlie Page said...

Great job all the way around you EWB'ers. Julianne, say hi to the Mayor for me.
Love, Pop

Taylor said...

Totally agree with Sam!

If its not too late, can you guys bring me back a box of ndawara highland tea?!? I can pay in CFA's or USD's. Whatever you prefer.

Keep on rockin the 'roon!!!